Gold Fortune Palace of the 21 Taras

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To purify negativities of the body, speech and mind, it is very beneficial to create manifestations of the Buddha’s form such as statues, stupas, mandalas and paintings. Not only does this create the causes for you to manifest those forms, it also generates positive propensities in the mind of those who see the images created. If you cannot produce the images yourself, sponsoring someone who can is a good alternative.

This year in preparation for the the first Drolmi Kazug puja, Khentrul Rinpoche worked with artisans to create a 3D model of the Fortune Palace of the 21 Taras in order to do the most extensive form of the offering puja ever done. The Fortune Palace contains 21 Taras all sitting on the second floor according to the text and thangka, with Buddha Amitabha on the top level. A wind horse sits atop. The version at the empowerment will be 3d Printed and hand-painted sponsored by the Hong Kong benefactors.

We would like to be able to place a gold version of the Fortune Palace with all the statues, mantras and pillars inside the Land of Shambhala. The Fortune Palace is specifically designed to house the treasure vase blessed in this ceremony.

Fortune Palace Meaning

The Fortune Palace is an incredibly Holy object. Everybody goes to empowerments where is a powerful blessing. But we have a temporary mandala that is blessed and then it’s finished. It’s gone. This mandala is one to have so we can continue to practice and invoke the blessings into the Mandala so all the wealth and fortune power is magnetised to benefit all sentient beings.

It’s a home for worldly fortune and conditions for enlightenment to stay that the Lama invoked. The treasure vase then gets put inside the home, so they can connect there and the conditions for the fortune can stay together like a family. Until now people traditionally just painted the Fortune Palace on the Thangka. Khentrul Rinpoche wants us to make the maximum effort to do the maximum level offering for the most blessings. The world needs the maximum level of blessing for prosperity right now.


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Gold Fortune Palace of the 21 Taras

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