Thangka Creation Project

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To purify negativities of the body, it is very beneficial to create manifestations of the Buddha’s form such as statues or paintings. Not only does this create the causes for you to manifest those forms, it also generates positive propensities in the mind of those who see the images created. If you cannot produce the images yourself, sponsoring someone who can is a good alternative.

We commission custom hand-painted thangka paintings to precisely bring to life, Khentrul Rinpoche’s instructions regarding the form of the dieties and lineage masters. These supports for practice are critical for our global community to have a proper form to meditate upon. Contributing to the creation of holy objects for the benefit of all sentient beings is a very meritorious undertaking. Each image will be the source of our many prints that students use to practice. Each thangka painting takes at minimum three and a half months for the artist to create.

Paintings in Process for 2020 Completion

Marici also known as Ozer Chenma
Marici is one of the 21 Taras. She is both a yidam and a dharma protector. She has been one of Khentrul Rinpoche’s dharma protectors. We are working with a specialised artist to paint her form as she appears in visions to Rinpoche. This is a challenging project as there are no examples for any of the artist to work from.

Drolmi Kazug Lineage Thangka
This is a very important Puja that Khentrul Rinpoche would like students worldwide to be able to practice regularly. In order to do the practice the minimum item, the students need to be able to offer this practice is the thangka. So for this reason it is critical that we have an accurate thangka. We have a very talented painter producing a 4-foot tall hand-painted version that will include Tara’s Fortune Palace, all 21 Thangkas, and the key Jonang Lineage masters whose mind terma is the source of this precious teaching.

Paintings to Start for 2021

There are no correct and well-painted thangkas of the Omniscient Lord Dolpopa available for students around the world. We intend to commission a version that will be guided by Rinpoche. Dolpopa is one of the main masters that we pray to in the Jonang Kalachakra Ngondro Guru Yogas.

Jetsun Tarantha
We do not have a proper painting of Jetsun Taranatha. We would like to commission one of Taranatha either as a solitary figure or with all of his disciples.Jetsun Taranatha is one of the main masters that we pray to in the Jonang Kalachakra Ngondro Guru Yogas and the source of our practice sadhana the Divine Ladder.

We estimate that we can complete this project within the $12,000 budget.

* All donations go into the general fund and are considered unrestricted contributions no matter what project you offer them through. This allows the foundation to carry out our mission efficiently by allocating resources where most needed.

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Thangka Creation Project

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