Volunteer: Book Publishing Coordinator

Remote Volunteer or Dedicated Residential Volunteer

at Suchandra or Rime Institute – No Visa Available

One of Rinpoche’s most important legacies for us will be his books. He has said publishing the Kalachakra teachings in as many languages as possible will help create the Golden Age of peace and harmony. This is a precious opportunity to help fulfill these aspirations. This book publishing coordinator role provides hands-on administration assistance for our book publishing related tasks including product support task checks, quality control, managing of files, proofreading, metadata writing and editing, general production and publishing, administrative and organisational tasks.  This is a volunteer role and can be done in your own time.

Duties and Responsibility

  • Read, review and edit, content so that it is correct and understandable to the reader
  • Review and mark up page proofs and online content
  • Coordination with translators to ensure their final manuscripts are all in google drive in the correct format
  • Working with layout professionals to ensure they have everything they need to put the books in indesign
  • Create ISBN, Barcodes and Library of Congress Numbers
  • Make sure the final books are reviewed
  • Upload books for Publication to Ingram Sparks 
  • Ensure all copyright and legal documents are obtained and filed. 
  • Keep track of scheduled dates to ensure manuscript publishes on time


  • Experience in publishing or communications fields a plus but not at all required 
  • Computer skills are a requirement.

Skills and Experience

  • Superior writing, editing and proofreading skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to plan effectively and manage changing priorities in a deadline driven environment
  • Excellent computer skills with the ability to adapt to new software
  • Strong organisational, communication and administration skills
  • Asana/ Google Drive / Slack / Airtable 
  • Adobe Indesign and Photoshop are a plus but not required


  • Attention to Detail
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Adaptability and Flexibility
  • Self-motivation

Dzokden Competencies

  1. Universal Responsibility – We take responsibility for the welfare of this planet and its many inhabitants.
  2. Compassionate Warriors – We embrace the bodhisattva ideal of compassionate warriors who embody courage and perseverance.
  3. Unbiased Approach – We value the cultivation of an unbiased approach rooted in the qualities of tolerance, receptivity, curiosity, and flexibility.
  4. Dedication to the Golden Age – We are dedicated to the manifestation of peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives.
  5. Clarity of Understanding – We emphasize clarity and authenticity to support our understanding and communication.
  6. Unity of Wisdom and Compassion – We embrace the unity of loving kindness and compassion to bring all peoples together as a single global family.
Category: Publishing
Type: Dedicated Residential Volunteer Volunteer

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