A repository of texts preserving the rich textual tradition that emphasizes the direct realization of the definitive meaning through the cultivation of non-conceptual primordial wisdom.


The manifestation of the golden age is rooted in our capacity to realize the nature of ultimate reality. For this reason, the Buddha taught many skilful means in the sutras and tantras to clearly distinguish this nature and subsequently realize it within our experience. The tenth-level Bodhisattvas—the Dharma Kings of Shambhala—made summaries and gave extensive commentaries on these teachings. While the Two Precious Ones—Nagarjuna and Asanga—clarified these teachings and made them accessible to a much broader audience. Following after them came a long line of mahasiddhas in both India and Tibet who embodied this profound wisdom. By relying on their texts without bias, all sentient beings have the capacity to remove their personal limitations and to bring forth a golden age of peace and harmony.

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Read root texts and commentaries by the lineage masters who upheld the profound wisdom of the Dzokden Dharma.

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Access a wide variety of practice texts that can help you familiarize yourself with different aspects of the path.

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