Our Activities

The Dzokden Community is dedicated to the creation and distribution of high quality educational materials that support the ongoing development of individuals and communities in order to establish compassion-centered societies. Our work is focused around three main areas of activity:

Online Learning Programs

Providing clear and structured guidance for the study and practice of the Dzokden Dharma.

Supports for Practice

Creating the conditions for practitioners of the Dzokden Dharma to flourish in the world.

Books and Translations
Ensuring the teachings of the Dzokden Dharma are preserved for future generations.

Our Vision

In order to create the causes for a golden age of peace and harmony to manifest in this world, we seek to preserve and transmit the profound Dzokden Dharma in a manner that is accessible to a great diversity of people with unique needs and dispositions. 

* All donations are considered unrestricted contributions,
which allows the foundation to carry out our mission efficiently by allocating resources where most needed.