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Dzambhala Puja for Prosperity and Abundance

7:30 PM Melbourne Australia Timezone on Thursday

The practice of Yellow Dzambhala goes hand in hand with the perfection of the Paramita of Generosity. For it is in the process of giving to others that we make merit to receive all the abundance of the world. The highest form of wealth is the Dharma so ultimately Dzambhala connects with this. However Yellow Dzambhala is strongly connecting to manifesting the worldly resources we need to enjoy a prosperous life.

Dzambhala does not mean we don’t have to work for things but it takes resources to practice the Dharma when people are trying to practice eventually many of them give up a lot so there needs to be faith what is needed will come or be able to manifest. In truth everything we need is available because Buddha nature posses all qualities but we can’t see, we can’t see the abundance. Dzambhala helps to show us or bring the resources we need for Dharma practice and for prosperity in life.

Guru Rinpoche said there is no real practitioner with faith in the Dharma that is without food or clothes but how many people have this confidence level to let go of everything and all their worldly concerns for survival if they don’t have faith what is needed will be there. Working with Dzambhala helps with that confidence, wealth and prosperity come from merit too. The real work is practicing generosity because without that and Dharma intention Dzambhala doesn’t work at all.

Who can join?
This practice is open to all who wishes to join in-person with us at the Rime Institute or online however for those who wish to have a copy of the text to do at home, you need to receive the Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment form Khentrul Rinpoche

Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 837 9659 6313
Passcode: 888888

Class Materials
The Dzambhala Puja will be shared as a powerpoint during the event so that you can follow along. If you would like a copy of this puja or teaching, then please take the next Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment with Khentrul Rinpoche.

Donate per Class Attendance
Suggested Offering $10-$20 AUD but please give whatever you can or wish to.


Feb 16 2023


Melbourne Australia Timezone
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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  • Date: Feb 16 - 17 2023
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