Global Mantra Accumulation | Kalachakra 

In order to help all sentient beings as limitless as space and in celebration of Khentrul Rinpoche’s Birthday, we will do a global Kalachakra Mantra Accumulation. 

PraThese last several years have seen continued challenges globally with the pandemic, with health, economies, climate and many other challenges. Yet it is predicted in the Kalachakra tantra that the world can and will get better. We all have the power to contribute to this great global shift for the benefit of humanity. To benefit all sentient beings to bring about the Golden Age of Global peace and Harmony , we will do a Global Mantra accumulation of the ten fold powerful one, Kalachakra. It’s important to think of all the beings of the 6 realms not just those we can see affected by the Pandemic. In celebration to Khentrul Rinpoche’s birthday in April, we would like to be able to offer our precious guru.

 Om Ha Ksha Ma La Va Ra Yang Soha 

Dzokden’s community will dedicate the accumulations to Khentrul Rinpoche’s health and vitality so that he may accomplish all of his enlightened aspirations. May Khentrul Rinpoche live a great Vajra Yungdrung long and healthy life!

You do not need to have any Initiation in order to practice the this Kalachakra Mantra. If you have not received the Initation, Rinpoche suggest you do the connection to Shambhala Practice. If you have received the Kalachakra Initiation, then you can use the Innate Kalachakra text in the Divine Ladder. 

Suggested practice manual: 

Practice for Connecting with Shambhala 

arranged by Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö

Counting and Submitting Your Mantra

For each mala of 108 that you complete, count 100 mantras. There are 8 extra beads in a mala for many reasons. One way in which we use them is to accommodate for our human error in practicing. Upon completion of your practice, please submit your total accumulation of mantra for us to present to Rinpoché on behalf of our community.  We ask that you enter your mantras into the form before April 18th, 2022.