Sponsor a new set of 40 Shambhala King Paintings

In order to help create conditions for the Golden Age, Khentrul Rinpoche continues to teach on the Realm of Shambhala. Recently he has received the mind transmission of the Shambhala Dharma Kings Empowerment. At the same time, he instructed us to paint a new set of all the Dharma Kings including the female and future Kalkis he foresaw in his vision. We have looked for a talented Thangka painter to paint approximately 40 Dharma Kings. This will strengthen the karmic link with Shambhala and our world. May this serve as an inspiration for those who want to practice bringing about the Golden Age for Earth, be reborn in the Sublime Realm of Shambhala, and reach ultimate liberation.

Khentrul Rinpoche had the artist Karen Scott in Australia, draw out the vision for each Dharma king. Based on these drawings painters around the world will transform the vision in the style of Karma Gadri.

We estimate this cost will cover 
– Painting 40 Kings
– Framing the Paintings
– Shipping the Paintings to Rinpoche
– Professional Art Scanner capturing each image so we can share in Rinpoche’s books and prints for the benefit of the global Kalachakra Practitioners

If you would like to sponsor a specific Shambhala Dharma King, please include the name of the King in your sponsorship dedication at checkout.

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