Practice Cycles

External cycles of time relate to our internal cycles of time

Harmonizing with the Lunar Phases

For this reason, members of the Dzokden Community gather to practice at four key points of the lunar cycle. Within a 30 day period, members are encouraged to practice whichever practices they feel most connected with and which suit their particular needs at that time. Try to explore a variety of practices in order to familiarize yourself with different approaches and to cultivate greater flexibility of mind. With that said, the following are just some suggestions for practices that you might like to cultivate:

Find when these phase occur in your local area on this website.

New Moon

With the moon dissolved, we reflect on the nature of reality so that we may unravel our delusion and learn to rest our minds in the sublime  perfection of wisdom.


Meditation on Emptiness
Shamatha & Vipashyana
Recitation of Sutras & Tantras

Waning Half-Moon

Then as the moon begins to wane, we focus on purification so that we can clear away any obstacles existing in our minds and thus prepare ourselves to realize our most sacred truth.


Vajrasattva Purification
Green Tara
Prostrations with 35 Buddhas
Protector Practices


When the moon reaches its fullest manifestation we turn our minds to our enlightened nature and how to work with its infinite aspects to skillfully accumulate merit.


Guru Puja
Mandala Offerings
Tsok Offerings
Seven Limbed Prayers

Waxing Half-Moon

As the moon waxes, we cultivate love and compassion so that we may strengthen our resolve to bring lasting benefit to sentient beings by leading them to enlightenment.


Guru Rinpoche
Medicine Buddha
Seven Point Cause & Effect
Exchanging Self for Others
Connecting with Shambhala

Harmonizing with Solar Energy

There are also several key points in the year that connect with the solar Calendar.

Spring Equinox

On this date, the day and night are of equal lengths of time.

Summer Solstice

This is the longest day of the year when the earth is closest to the sun.

Autumnal Equinox

On this date, the day and night are of equal lengths of time.

Winter Solstice

The shortest day of the year is when the earth is tilted away from the sun.

21 Taras Drolmi Kazug Puja

Important Dates in the Calendar Cycle

There are also several key points in the year that connect with the calendar dates. We do practices as a global community every year on these dates.

See the upcoming list of events for the next global practice date.

Losar Lunar
New Year

1st Day of 1st Month

Sang Offering

Khentrul Rinpoche’s Birthday

April 18th

Mantra Accumulation Offering

Wheel Turning

15th Day of 3rd Lunar Month

Innate Kalachakra Deity Yoga

Jetsun Taranatha’s Parinirvana

28th Day of 3rd Lunar Month

Main lineage master of the Jonang Lineage

Lama Lutrin’s

13th Day of Month 4

Guru Puja for Lama Lutrin

Saka Dawa

15th Day of Month 4

1000 Buddha Pujas


6th Day of 10th Lunar Month

Prayers of Auspiciousness

Global Project

Kalachakra Astrology to Enhance Practice Cycles

In Kalachakra astrology, our external cosmic reality of the cycles of the star signs (the lunar Nakshastras), relate to the cycles of our internal winds and breath. It is possible to optimize the timing of yogic and ritual practices with these internal subtle energy cycles. Our group wishes to make a personalized astrology app according to Kalachakra to help advanced practitioners take advantage of these cosmic cycles.