In-Person Only: Four Higher Kalachakra Empowerments & Retreat with Khentrul Rinpoche

In-Person Only: Four Higher Kalachakra Empowerments & Retreat with Khentrul Rinpoche

In-person offered in English and Tibetan only. We do encourage international students to attend. We can supply the empowerment booklet in some languages.  This event is possible thanks to our partnership with Shambhala International.

September 25-26th (2 days)
This is for registration for the Kalachakra Four Higher Empowerments and mini-retreat. This will take place directly following the Kalachakra Empowerment in Boulder. If you have been previously approved or received the Higher Empowerment you can register without request. If you receive the Higher Empowerment you are able to register for any of the Dark Room retreats in the future. If you would like to go to Kalapa in Austria to do the Dark Room (3 isolations) practice retreat, you can do so for weeks 2-4 because you have received the empowerment previously.  Register for the August Dark Room retreats in Austria

Rinpoche has kindly accepted a request to bestow the Four Higher Empowerments of Kalachakra in the USA for the first time since 2018. After receiving these empowerments, you will have all the qualifications to prepare yourself to enter the profound completion stage of Kalachakra in the future. To ensure that students succeed in their paths, Rinpoche bestows these Higher Empowerments only to pre-approved students who genuinely wish to deepen their practice of the Kalachakra path. This is an important step to reinforce the bond between the vajra master and student in working together towards enlightenment. You are more than welcome to present yourself as a candidate to receive these empowerments by sending your application here. To make sure that we can evaluate your application in time, please send it in as soon as possible. However, if you have already been approved, you can simply register for this event directly.

(Note: the Kalachakra Four Higher Empowerments are not the same Kalachakra Empowerments that Rinpoche given in Hong Kong in 2020 and in other places such as in Vienna in 2019, which are called “The Seven Empowerments of a Growing Child”.)

About the Empowerments and Retreat
“Up to this point, our use of conceptual methods has been instrumental in removing our many layers of misconception, but as they are embedded in the dualistic mind, these methods function as a subtle barrier to experiencing our definitive nature. For this reason, we need to abandon them in favor of a direct approach that works without conceptual fabrications. We can achieve this transformation from conceptual to non-conceptual in two steps. Firstly we are introduced to the Kalachakra view by receiving the Four Higher Empowerments. Secondly, with the establishment of this view, we use the unique meditation technique of the Three Isolations (Wensum) to cut the proliferation of thoughts and abide in the nature of the mind.” (Khentrul Rinpoche, Unveiling Your Sacred Truth 3)

The program fee for the retreat encompasses 1) Secret Dakini Oral Transmission, 2) The Kalachakra Four Higher Empowerments, 3) Teaching-Transmission of the Wensum (Three Isolations) Practice, 4) a printed booklet about the Empowerments and Practice. Accommodations and food are not provided.

September 25-26th
9:00 am – 9 pm Monday and Tuesday.
The last session is optional for those who need to leave earlier to return to their accommodation.

How to prepare for this retreat
If this will be your first time taking part, we strongly encourage you to prepare yourself as much as you can with the Kalachakra Preliminary Practices. In addition to the longer sadhanas “Divine Ladder” and “Enlightening the Heart”, you will need to know the sadhana “Secret Dakini Treasure”. For the latter, you must register here for the oral commentary Rinpoche gave recently if you have not already done so. We encourage you to study all the sadhanas as much as you can, including the transliterations and chantings, because there will be some sessions of chanting in Tibetan without a recording during the retreat.

Bring your practice book “The Profound Path of Vajra Yoga”. You can also bring Rinpoche’s commentary “The Hidden Treasure” as a reference for your practice. Other reading materials not directly related to the Wensum practice are not allowed during the retreat period. You will also need the Secret Dakini Treasure eBook.

Retreat Information and Guidelines
Practice sessions will be conducted in English and Tibetan. If you absolutely prefer, you can bring copies of the texts in your own language as well and read them silently while the group recites in English.

Payment Options
Once you have been approved for the empowerment and the 2-day retreat (accommodations not included), please choose the program fee that fits your financial circumstances. Rinpoche always reminds people to pay attention to what they prioritize and put their money on as the number 1 reason people ask for Financial aid is that they prioritized everything else in their life much higher than Dharma.

The location is central in Boulder. There are many cafes and places to eat around the location. For those trying to save money, we encourage airbnb and cafe. If you are on a limited budget we can try to find a community member for you to stay with. Please email [email protected] if you need further recommendations for accommodations.

Online: 2023 Kalachakra Empowerment to bring a Golden Age of Peace (Asia)

Online: 2023 Kalachakra Empowerment to bring a Golden Age of Peace (Asia)

We are so grateful to announce 2023 Kalachakra Empowerment will be given by the request of our event partner Shambhala International, Khentrul Rinpoche will bestow a historic empowerment at their location in Boulder, Colorado.This is a historic opportunity for the Tantra brought to our earth by the Shambhala Kings to be given in an important space in which Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche brought so much Dharma to the world and through their introductory programs have diligently worked to share his Shambhala vision of an enlightened society. We find a lot of synchronicity with Khentrul Rinpoche’s vision of the Golden Age. The Empowerment will be available it online as well as in person at Shambhala in Boulder, Colorado.

We hope this helps create the conditions for peace and harmony to flourish around the world. The empowerment ceremony will take place in a meditative atmosphere over a few days. Please make sure to be present for all the sessions in your timezone. It includes a ceremony to spread prayers for peace and harmony around the globe, ritual dances, and the unveiling of a 3d version of the Jonang Kalachakra Mandala. You will be guided in a clear step-by-step way through empowerment so that you can understand what you are receiving. Through lecture, discussion, meditation, mantra, and ritual offerings, form a deep connection to your own inner realm of peace and harmony.

EMPOWERMENT GUIDE BOOK We will provide online registrants with an eBook to follow along with step-by-step which is available in English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Vietnamese, German, Romanian, Mongolian, Slovenian and French


Khentrul Rinpoche would like you to come to every session that you can. None of the actual empowerment sessions will be recorded. It is only available Live. If you want the empowerment you must receive it live. Some other sessions will be recorded to accommodate people in a variety of timezones. Because we can not answer emails from everyone who has a schedule conflict, we have indicated the sessions that you absolutely must be present to receive this empowerment as “REQUIRED”.
Additional Event = This will be part of another event. Those not registered for this can see the recording in the learning center before the empowerment.
Private = This is only available in Zoom. Only registered attendees can view this event.

Kalachakra brings peace to oneself and the world as we learn to harmonize our environment with our body & mind. Kalachakra, which means wheel of time, transcends religions time, space, and perceived reality. It is the essence that makes up our very nature. It harmonizes the cosmic, with our internal system and the enlightened mind. Unlike other Buddhist teachings, Kalachakra is very detailed giving insight and direction to help anyone of any religious tradition realize their true nature. This teaching helps us move past habitual limitations to unleash our limitless potential of love & compassion.

The Tibetan Buddhist Jonang Lineage specializes in the complete path that guides students in a clear step-by-step system to enlightenment. It is known specifically for upholding the 6 vajra yogas through which many enlightened masters have transitioned. It has rarely been taught in its entirety to lay (non-monastic) practitioners in the West. Most of the Jonang Yogi’s have decided to remain practicing in their caves and monasteries in the Himalayas. Khentrul Rinpoche has made it his life’s mission to bring these teachings to the west in English. He hopes to create the conditions for both female and male practitioners living in their daily lives to realize the heart essence of these profound teachings.

Kalachakra for World Peace
Buddha Shakyamuni taught the Kalachakra Tantra to the Kings of Shambhala at the same time the heart sutra was taught. In it, there is a clear prophecy for world peace to arise on this earth. Come create the conditions to usher in the Golden Age of Global peace and harmony. Khentrul Rinpoché is very genuine focusing on catalyzing the transformation of the authentic aspirations of his students. He makes this rich & complex ancient wisdom accessible so that anyone can engage with it more easily, at their own capacity, in all areas of their life.

Tricycle Magazine about our 3D Printed Kalachakra Mandala House 
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1) Register for each attendee that will be receiving the empowerment. Choose your preferred language. You will receive a confirmation email. After that you will be added to our online learning center at learn.dzokden.org.
2) Before the empowerment, you will receive information on some simple supplies you should get to help make the experience as authentic as possible. If you are not able to get them all don’t worry. They are symbolic and you can still receive the empowerment. More important you must understand what is happening. Just attending an empowerment does not mean you receive it. You must know what is going on. To ensure everyone will receive the empowerment, Rinpoche will kindly make his instruction booklet available to you as an eBook so you can follow along so you know exactly what is happening. You are not allowed to share this program book with anyone else or give them access to the empowerment. This is private for your personal use. Rinpoche typically gives the eBook out the night before but if this is a technical problem for you (you can’t read an eBook and be on zoom at the same time) please indicate on the registration form so we can work to accommodate you.
3) You will receive access to the zoom for each of the sessions. While Khentrul Rinpoche wants the attendees there for every session, we have indicated the absolute required sessions so as not to have to a lot of emails about special circumstances. That said, he would prefer you are there for all of them

It’s customary at the end of empowerment for students to make an offering of Dana to the guru. As this is an online event, you can make the offering of Dana to Rinpoche here.

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? email [email protected]

Prayers for Jonang Leader HH Jigme Dorje Rinpoche Entering into Parinirvana

Prayers for Jonang Leader HH Jigme Dorje Rinpoche Entering into Parinirvana

Singapore, Hong Kong, China: 9PM SUNDAY
Central Europe: 3PM SUNDAY
Brazil: 10AM SUNDAY
West Coast, USA: 6AM SUNDAY
East Coast, USA: 9AM SUNDAY
Toronto, CA: 9AM SUNDAY
Prayers for Jonang Leader HH Jigme Dorje Rinpoche Entering into Parinirvana with Khentrul Rinpoche
The most excellent leader of the Jonang Lineage, the Abbott of Dzamthang Monastery, His Holiness Jigme Dorje Rinpoche chose to pass into parinirvana on the auspicious day of Kalachakra New Year. Khentrul Rinpoche will lead us in prayers for this most precious teacher and holy being this weekend. May we have the merit for his swift return and to fulfill his aspirations.
Facebook Live and Zoom
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 636636
Webinar ID: 851 5699 4655
Буддист шүтлэгтний ёсоор төрсөн өдөр тэмдэглэх сэдвээр Ханбрүл Ринбүчигийн номын айлдвар

Буддист шүтлэгтний ёсоор төрсөн өдөр тэмдэглэх сэдвээр Ханбрүл Ринбүчигийн номын айлдвар

Цагийн хуваарь
Монголд: APRIL 16 – 9:00 PM

Энэ өдөр бид Ринбүчигийн 60 насны ойг тэмдэглэх бөгөөд дорны зурхайн тооллоор 61-ний жил орж байгаа чухал онцлогтой юм. Жаран жилд нэг тохиох зурхайн махбодын ийм тохироо дараачийн удаад 120 настайд нь тохиох тул энэ жилийг өвөрмөц байдлаар өнгөрүүлэхээр бид зорьж байгаа билээ. Тиймээс багш бидэнд төрсөн өдөр ямар учиртай түүнийг хэрхэн тэмдэглэн өнгөрүүлэх ашигтай талаар номын айлдвар хийх болно. Жил орохыг хүиүүс голдуу саад тотгор тохиолдож амь насанд халтай байх нигууртай гэж үздэг учраас бид бат оршил өргөх ёслолыг бид угтуулан хэдийнэ гүйцэтгэсэн бөгөөд мөн Манал бурхан, Маричи дарь эхийн тарнийг тоолж зориулах аяныг зохион явуулж байгаа билээ. Түүнчлэн ах дүү долоон Маналыг бүтээж залах, 21 Дарь эхийн цэцэрлэг байгуулах ажлуудыг гүйцэтгэж дуусах дөхөж байгаа юм. Төрсөн өдрөөрөө хүмүүс голдуу өөр дээрээ илүүтэй анхаарах нь элбэг байдаг талаар Ринбүчи Буддын ухааны зүгээс түүнд хариулт өгч оролцсон хүн бүхэнд өлзий хутаг, урт насны адистидыг хайрлан ерөөл унших болно.

Ринбүчи багшийн 60 насны ойг тохиолдуулан шавь нарын зүгээс түүнд зориулсан өлмий бат оршихын ерөөлийг уншиж хуврагийн өөр өөр нийгэмлэгүүдээс тахил мандал өргөх болно. Аливаа нэг тааламжгүй зүйлс бүү тахиолдоосой гэсэндээ түүнээс урьдчилан сэргийлэхийн тулд манай нийгэмлэг зохих тарни маанийг тасралтгүй уншиж урьж байгаа билээ.

Зүүм-ийн мэдээлэл

Webinar ID: 837 4770 1748
Passcode: 150173