Domov Severna Amerika Spletna stran California & Online: Prayer for Establishing All Attainments (commentary and oral transmission)

California & Online: Prayer for Establishing All Attainments (commentary and oral transmission)

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1:00 – 5:00 PM San Francisco, California
4:00- 8:00 PM New York, New York
9:00 PM Vienna, Austria
October 31st, 4:00 AM Hong Kong
October 31st , 7:00 AM Australia

Khentrul Rinpoche wrote this prayer to help establish everyone on the completion of the path. He wishes for all the students in the Dzokden community to learn this prayer by heart and chant it often as he has included the essence of what is needed in this prayer.

Sarva mangalaṃ!

I received this set of twenty-one undefiled aspirations that constitute this “Prayer for Establishing all Attainments” together with the “Path of Secret Ḍākinī Treasure”. In the future, all my students should memorize this “Prayer for all Attainments” that was received with such excellent signs of synchronicity. Knowing that, then, in all special occasions when they encounter sacred places and objects, or meet with great beings, and in any other opportunities for connecting with sacred outlook that may arise, if they recite these aspirations with intense intention, inconceivable beneficial qualities will be present.

I, Shar Khentrul Jampel Lodrö, finished composing this at Tongzuk Dechen Ling22  in the Iron Female Ox Year, the Western year 2021,

on the 28th day of October.

Ge’o! Ge’o! Ge’o!

The oral transmission and commentary will be live streamed. The Oral transmission is only available to those who register for the zoom. The commentary is completely public.

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Okt 30 2022
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San Francisco Timezone
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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  • Datum: Okt 30 2022
  • Čas: 7:00 am - 11:00 am


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