Manifesting the Golden Age

The Dzokden Practice Community is an international network of individuals, practice groups, training institutes and retreat centres under the leadership of His Eminence Khentrul Rinpoché Jamphel Lodrö. 


Our mission is to generate the causes for global peace and harmony by practicing in accordance with the principles of the Kalachakra Tantra. While we embrace the vast diversity of wisdom traditions in this world, we specialise in the profound path of Vajra Yoga as taught in the Jonang Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.


The foundation upon which our community is built is an unwavering confidence in the recognition that all sentient beings possess a perfect and limitless nature. Due to possessing this nature, it is within all beings’ capacity to manifest the state of perfect and complete enlightenment—a state that is free from all forms of limitation. Since this nature is endowed with immeasurable aspects, we can each use different skilful means to reveal our deepest truth. This means that we can be free to focus on the methods which best suit our individual needs while still maintaining a deep respect and integrated view of those following different paths. 

While there are many paths which can bring us closer to our ultimate truth, our community emphasises the profound and direct path of Vajra Yoga as an extremely effective and complete method for developing non-dual wisdom. This path is most clearly taught in the Kalachakra Tantra and therefore we primarily draw our inspiration from its teachings. With the motivation to bring lasting benefit to all forms of life, we strive to actualise this path in every facet of our lives.

Through Dzokden, we envision a world without limitations, a world where each of us has the capacity to discover our infinite potential and where—regardless of the society we belong to or the traditions we follow—individuals can come together as a single global family united in our perfect nature. In such a world free from all forms of bias, our minds will abide in complete peace and harmony, giving rise to a prosperous planet in perfect balance where spirituality flourishes.

The Six Guiding Principles of Dzokden

While the scope of our vision encompasses a global movement towards wisdom-based societies, the actual drive behind this transformation are six guiding principles that each of us can use to bring our innate potential to the surface and manifest peace and harmony in our local experience.

Universal Responsibility

We take responsibility for the welfare of this planet and its many inhabitants.

Compassionate Warriors

We embrace the bodhisattva ideal of compassionate warriors who embody courage and perseverance.

Unbiased Approach

We value the cultivation of an unbiased approach rooted in the qualities of tolerance, receptivity, curiosity, and flexibility.

Dedication to the Golden Age

We are dedicated to the manifestation of peace and harmony in all aspects of our lives

Unity of Wisdom and Compassion

We embrace the unity of loving kindness and compassion to bring all peoples together as a single global family.

Clarity of Understanding

We emphasize clarity and authenticity to support our understanding and communication.