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Inner Peace is the path to outerpeace. Every single person we give access to the path of personal transformation can help change the world. 

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One of the best ways to deepen your Dharma experience is to put your practice into action. By giving your love, time and skills, you will have an opportunity to practice the Bodhisattva paramitas in an engaged and active manner in a supportive community.

Shar Khentrul Rinpoche Jamphel Lodrö

Shar Khentrul Rinpoche Jamphel Lodrö

Spiritual Director - Member of the Board of Directors

Shar Khentrul Jamphel Lodrö Rinpoche is a Rimé and Jonang Kalachakra Master of Tibetan Buddhism. Inspired by the Kalki Kings of Shambhala, through his organization, Dzokden, Khentrul Rinpoche works towards the second Golden Age of peace on our earth by transmitting the Kalachakra teachings in every area of the globe, translated in over 13 languages. He has authored over 20 books related to Shambhala, Kalachakra and Vajrayana Buddhism. His most recent book, published by Shambhala Publications, is titled The Realm of Shambhala. His forthcoming book, The Path of Desire, is currently available in Tibetan and will be published in more languages next year.    Read More

Prabha Ng

Prabha Ng

President - Member of the Board of Directors

Prabha Ng has over 20 years of experience in security & risk management and has worked in the financial, educational and government industries. She currently serves as a Chief Information Security Officer for an insurance corporation. In the past, she held various roles including leading cybersecurity and risk management programs for various financial institutions and worked as an engineer designing robotic submarines for the US Government at Newport, RI. She received a BS from Suny Buffalo in Computer Networks & Systems Engineering and an MBA from Fordham University.

Chloë Bregman

Chloë Bregman

Chief Financial Officer - Member of the Board of Directors

Chloe Bregman has 15 years experience in Product Design, Agile transformation and corporate leadership. Previously she was Enterprise Agile Transformation team working for a fortune 500 company and Dir. Design at Onelogin. She brings her experience building teams and technology products to Khentrul Rinpoche’s global community.  Chloe has over 680 hr in Yoga teacher training. She has completed 2 years of Meditation teacher training with Culadasa. Currently she works full time building Rinpoche’s vision at Tibetan Rime Buddhist Institute. She is also an advisor to the Dzokden Kalapa board. 

Julie O'Donnell

Julie O'Donnell


At an early age, Julie searched for a deeper meaning to life until finally at the age of 22 found the precious Buddhist path of Dharma.  She dedicated her life to the practice, living in temples and serving teachers from around the world practicing the Buddhist teachings and living according to its principles. Julie has spent the last 34 years practicing this ancient path and for the past twelve years has lived at the Tibetan Buddhist Rime Institute in Tecoma helping the resident teacher Khentrul Rinpoche.

Julie is now one of the senior teachers at the Rime Institute giving classes on meditation and basic Buddhist principals that can be applied to our everyday lives. Julie also manages the temple and arranges a program of courses, tours and fundraising activities to support the temple.

Pete Eby

Pete Eby

Chief Technology Officer

Pete Eby is a systems architect for the R&D Systems Engineering (RDSE) team at Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL).

He served as the Scientific Platforms team lead for the R&D Linux team from 2014-2017. Prior to this he worked with the ORNL Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) for NASA’s Earth Observation Sciences (EOS) program from 2010 to 2014.

From to 2014 to 2019 Pete was a founding architect for the Compute and Data Environment for Science (CADES) which provided self-service cloud, compute, storage, and data lifecycle tools and infrastructure for ORNL’s research communities.

Currently he maintains the tier 2 grid facility supporting DOE participation in CERN’s ALICE project. Additionally, he supports the Atmospheric Radiation Monitoring (ARM) project, a DOE multi-laboratory,  scientific user facility, and a key contributor to national and international climate research efforts.