The Dzokden community has many auspicious projects to fulfil our aspirations to create the golden age. We completely depend on the generosity of our volunteers and sponsors to bring these aspirations into reality.  

Commitment to Transparency

The money and resources of the triple gem are invaluable. We are committed to using these funds wisely and sharing our choices with you transparently. Read our financial reports and learn about how we use the money you donate.

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Our Global Vision

We are committed to ensuring the 8+ Billion people on this planet can access the teaching of the Kalachakra in order to help create a Golden Age of Peace. We are working towards that by translating the teachings into as many languages as we can.

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Dzokden 年度基金

Dzokden 年度基金


Dzokden 翻譯基金

Dzokden 翻譯基金





More Ways to Give 


To donate by mail, simply print out this form, and mail your check drawn on a US bank to this address: 3436 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 USA. Please indicate it’s an unrestricted donation and include your email address. 

Wire Transfer, Appreciated Stock and More

To arrange a bank transfer in any currency, or to offer property, appreciated stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, please contact us at [email protected] for more information so we may properly document your transaction.


生命無常,一旦要離開這個世界,此生此世所擁有的,半點也帶不走,唯有業與功德,隨身而去。所以,你可以早些安排一下,把今生擁有的財富,安排在身後供養給佛教事業,積集功德,回向自己下一期生命,也回向給後代豐饒安樂。若你打算把遺產全數或部分捐給 Dzokden,助成夏.堪祖仁波切的願景,請聯絡Dzokden,我們會作出協助,完成閣下的心願。


Contribute to one of our Global Projects 


No matter where you are in the world there is a project you can sponsor or help with. Contribute your skills, love, time and money to help build stupas, design statues, paint thangkas, translate texts, publish books, cultivate educational programs and so much more.  


以加密貨幣捐助 Dzokden

現在你可以通過 https://www.engiven.com/ 來捐贈加密貨幣予 Dzokden,本會接受95種加密貨幣。