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Traditional Tibetan medicine, known as Sowa Rigpa is one of the most ancient sciences being used for thousands of years. On the one hand, it relies on indigenous Himalayan knowledge and on the other hand, it includes a systematic syncretism that allows it to interact with all other medical traditions, even with modern day science. As health affects us all, it’s good to have some understanding of how to preserve balance and how to manage a disorder when it arises, and to be able to restore good health. In this talk we speak with Katy Otero who is a practitioner of Traditional Tibetan Medicine who studies with Dr Nida Chenagtsang in Europe.

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ABOUT Kalachakra is a holistic system that incorporates astrology, health, our bodies, our mind and well-being. A healthy body is such an important tool for this practice that it is a tantric downfall to practice austerities and harm your body. In this talk, Khentrul Rinpoche has invited Tulku Lobsang to discuss the importance of working with our physical bodies especially in the Kalachakra Yogas. Tulku Lobsang teaches a Tibetan Yoga practice worldwide and has appeared in National Geographic’s ‘The Story of God’ with Morgan Freeman, demonstrating Tummo practice. He will share how the practice with the subtle body can influence the way we interact with the world and transform our experience. In working with the subtle body, our chakras, channels and drops, we are able to influence and transform the subtle structures of our body and mind.

HOLISTIC LIVING SERIES Dzokden has purchased 40 acres of land in order to build a spiritual paradise for all types of people to experience the life changing qualities of the Kalachakra path. Land of Shambhala will give sentient beings an opportunity to find harmony with our external environment, internal and enlightened reality. This is a space for people to authentically connect and be present in the world while living with greater vitality, love and purpose. The centre will offer a holistic program of Kalachakra medicine, yoga, philosophy, astrology and science.

As part of Rinpoche’s vision, we will bring together the teachings of Kalachakra, the sciences and the various wisdom traditions in one place. The Land of Shambhala Holistic Life Series discussions will introduce experts in the fields of Tibetan Buddhism, Kalachakra Six Yogas, Western Psychology, Astrology, Ayurveda, Tibetan and Chinese Medicine, Herbs, Feng Shui and Sache who will discuss the benefits of these sciences and how the integrate to the vision of creating the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony in our World.

Each month, we will have guest experts talk in their respective areas of expertise in a conversational forum. The talk series will be streamed on Facebook live and also Zoom where audiences will be given the opportunity to ask questions of our expert.

MEDICINE BUDDHA MANDALA GARDEN Approximately 9 acres of the land at Land of Shambhala is being used plant an abundant food forest containing a Medicine Buddha mandala and herb garden. The Medicine Buddha mandala garden is 108 meters wide designed in the shape of a giant mandala, featuring a medicine buddha statue and fountain at its centre. Throughout the mandala, we will grow a variety of medicinal herbs and plants that we will be able to harvest and use in traditional Tibetan, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.


Dec 19 2021

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