Sponsor an Offering Card for Blessing and Purification (Sur, Sang & Jinsek)

The event is on May 18 – 19, 2024

Rinpoche will perform 3 large fire pujas as part of the Tantric Fire Puja workshop course.  Each of the smoke and fire offerings are powerful methods to clear negative Karma for yourselves and loved ones. Making an offering helps to karmic connect you and the loved ones to the puja and therefore the results. Each of the 3 pujas work on a profound level to clear karmic debt by making offerings to many different sentient beings. Rinpoche will perform a very large extensive peaceful Kalachakra Jinsek Fire Puja that was written by his root Lama Lutrin and Bamda Gelek Gyatso. This one helps clear away the deeper karmic propensitites of your negative karma to prevent rebirth in lower realms.

The sang chö (smoke) offering helps to clear karmic obstacles in our samsaric life in to have a precious human birth to practice dharma.

The Sur puja focuses it’s offerings on all the bardo beings, hungry ghosts, whoever has incredible suffering, and whomever we have a karmic debt to. This is commonly used as an offering to purify our own and our ancestor’s karmic debt for the benefit of all sentient beings.

Those who make offerings to help sponsor these Pujas will have the opportunity to set up the blessing and superintendence tablets for themselves and their family members, as well as for their relatives and karmic debtors to purify and make merit. All the tablets will be offered into the fire along with incense and many blessed substances purchased on your behalf.

Each token can be written with the name of one person (e.g. Qian Jing or Qian Jing’s whole family, or Qian’s clan members and unjust relatives and debtors).

Please choose the person’s status as living or deceased and write your comment in the box to indicate who the tablet is from.

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